There is no better asset in property than one that grows in the long run and keeps pace with inflation. The population is only increasing, and with it growing demand for goods. Investing in agriculture means supporting industry and lifestyle, keeping farmers in the farming business and keeping your investments safe. Agriculture is not only vegetables and livestock and it is also the cultivation of special crops used in medical and cosmetic developments, which only increases the demand for production in this industry


According to Brookfield's experience of investing in agriculture, this is an investment in a physical piece of land whose value is only growing. Brookfield will help you choose the best options for such a long-term investment, which may bring profit not only to you but to your future generations.



Recently, modern society has focused on the consumption of products of natural origin without chemicals, which means that the demand for products grown in ecologically clean areas without pesticides and other harmful fertilizers is growing at an insane rate

The organic food business has a lot of potential for growth and success, as previously such a greenhouse was usually carried out on small family farms. But since the demand for organic products, this industry is growing, and accordingly the price, which has a positive effect on the income from deposits.



Fish farming is one of the fastest growing food production sectors in the world and has considerable demand. Fish farming plays an important role in the economy, providing thousands of jobs in operations and support services. The availability of fast-growing fish species will ensure a quick return on your investments. Commercial fish farming is a profitable investment that can be profitable at any time of the year. With the introduction of modern technology and possession of the site, an entrepreneur can start this business with moderate investments.



With the revival of herbal medicine, consumers and the herbal industry have a demand for high-quality herbs. Unfortunately, there are not many commercial herbal farms, and these farms do not produce enough to satisfy market demand. Unlike fresh vegetable crops, medicinal herbs can be dried for long-term storage, thus alleviating the pressure to get them to the consumer within days of harvest. And since medicinal herb farming is less common than growing fruits and vegetables, this leads to reduced market competition and increased profitability. That's why growing medicinal herbs commercially is so profitable agriculture business.


A Primer for Investing in Agriculture

Why you should invest in agriculture

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